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TRAINING in Mississippi

A magnificent journey where you will realize your dreams of personal flight. 

The goals are simple: 
1)   Having fun throughout the entire process.
2)   Enjoying the experience. 
3)   Learning as much as possible.  
4)   Keep from breaking yourself or your gear. 
Our PPG Paramotor Training in Mississippi will provide you with fundamental skills and knowledge for you to start on your own path toward independent and safe flight. When you complete the PPG Paramotor Training, you will be a competent beginner pilot, solely responsible for your safety, flying site selection, condition judging, decision making, understanding of the laws pertaining to flight, care and maintenance of your equipment, and self assessment. 

PPG - Paramotor Training in Mississippi

Training will take 7 to 10 days and a minimum of 25 flights in accordance with USPPA (United States Powered Paragliding Association) syllabus and will provide a Powered ParaGliding Level 2 Rating.

Foot Launch:    $1,800 (All equipment is provided)
Wheel Launch: $2,000 (All equipment is provided)

Paramotor flight is an amazing, often life changing experience. But it requires dedication and hard work to master the skills and knowledge necessary to become a proficient and safe paramotor pilot. At BakPak Aviators, we are committed to getting you to be a proficient and safe paramotor pilot in a fun and relaxed environment.

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 Call or Text (361)438-5527 to reserve your spot today! 

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